Sunday, March 29, 2015

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[This blog was established on Sun, May 25, 2008, and last edited/updated on Sept. 2, 2016]
So far this weblog contains 19 posts under the following headlines:
Politicians in the Republic of China (Book)
The space program of the PRC
The Chinese Lunar Calendar
Nuclear power plants in Greater China
Overwhelming degrees of kinship
Hanyu Pinyin
Elections in Hong Kong at a glance
Greater China's Olympic gold
The 3000 most frequently used Chinese characters
Updates to The Greater China Factbook
Greater China = pro-unification? (Essay)
Chinese tongue twisters
Mine disasters and plane crashes in Greater China
ROC elections and referendums
Index of Chinese cities
The Greater China Factbook
Currencies in Greater China
Who's who in Greater China's politics
Earthquakes in Greater China
Files posted in this blog that were recently created, edited, or upgraded: 
2016, Sept. 2—Members of the ROC Legislative Yuan since 1993 
2016, Aug. 23Greater China's Olympic gold
2016, Aug. 9Monthly and annual currency exchange rates, stock market indices
2016, Aug. 8—Overview over Japanese characters
2016, Aug. 8—Guide to the 214 Radicals
2016, July 7—Who's Who in ROC politics (Taiwan)
2016, May 30Inaugural addresses by ROC presidents since 1996
2016, April 21Errata in "Politicians in the Republic of China"
2016, April 11The "1992 Consensus" myth  
2016, Feb. 19Earthquakes in Greater China 
2016, Jan. 22—Democratic elections in the ROC 
2015, Dec. 6—Chronology of events in Greater China 1911-2014  
2015, Nov. 26Elections in Hong Kong at a Glance
2015, Nov. 23—Major accidents in the Greater China area since the 20th century  
2015, Nov. 4—The PRC's space program  
2015, July 15—Selected important texts and documents 
2015, May 24—City mayors and county magistrates in the ROC since 1989
The information presented on this blog comprises data files saved in PDF format and complements the contents of my books. Unless otherwise indicated, these PDF files have the format A4.
All my PDF files, including files not formally introduced on this blog like my M.A. thesis and related images, can be found on Google Drive and on my page at
If a file you want to look at is not properly displayed on your screen or cannot be downloaded, please feel free to contact me by e-mail so that I can send you the requested PDF file(s) as e-mail attachment. I will be glad to help, and I can also send you all future updates of such files.


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