Sunday, March 29, 2015

Politicians in the Republic of China (Book)

The first edition of “Politicians in the Republic of China. Register and explanations” (ISBN: 978-957-43-0827-9) was published in September 2013 (274 pages), the second edition in July 2014 (338 pages). It is mostly a combination of four files that are posted on this blog:
Democratic elections in the ROC
Besides, it contains additional contents which cannot be found online, including the following:
• Information about the diplomatic relations of the ROC since 1971 (i. e. lists of the diplomatic allies in the years of 1970 and 2014; chronology of won and lost diplomatic allies since 1970 featuring the exact date), including lists of noteworthy diplomats.
• Details about the First Legislative Yuan, especially concerning elections/by-elections 1948–1989.
• A list showing all regular members of the ROC National Assembly 1992–2005.
• A list showing all Grand Justices since 1948.
• A list providing information about non-binding local referendums held between 1990 and the promulgation of the ROC Referendum Act in November 2003, plus an additional list about the results of four non-binding local referendums concerning the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant held between 1994 and 1998.
More information about the book can be found here.
This file here lists errata and misprints in the first and the second edition. Please note that during the upload process of the most recent file some kind of error occurred on the Google Drive website. As a result, clicking on the link may only show a bunch of random ASCII symbols. To view the file, try downloading it to your hard drive and open it in your PDF display program, e. g. Adobe Acrobat Reader. [3 pages; file last edited/updated on Thu, April 21, 2016]
Reviews and sale
Reader comments and book reviews:
“The book is downright useful, and the effort which was put into it is very commendable. It is a helpful compendium which is certainly unique in this form.”—Prof. Gunter Schubert, director of the European Research Center on Contemporary Taiwan (ERCCT) in Tübingen (Germany)
Click on this link for a book review on Chinet written by Alex Calvo, guest professor at Nagoya University (Japan)
Book review by Günter Schucher in the magazine Asien (Vol. 132, July 2014, p. 141)German original / English translation  
Where to buy:
The book is on sale for US$38 (international shipping included) on eBay.

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